KP-R500F binding with AD10 adapter for retrofit

Next to complete stretcher systems Shimano has developed a retrofit binding which enables rowers to use our binding system on their current foot stretcher. The adapters attaches to the standard aluminium or carbon shoe plate, using the same hole pattern as is standard in the market. To ensure the release function and rowing performance without the binding being recessed, the adapter places the system under a 10-degree angle. This steeper angle under the toes creates are more direct and aggressive transition of power at the catch.

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  • pretty_bullet.png Fits any existing foot stretcher
  • pretty_bullet.png 10 degree angle for better connection in the catch
  • pretty_bullet.png Ideal for outfitting whole clubs and/or programs with Shimano's individual shoe system
  • pretty_bullet.png No adjustments or tooling needed

Product Specs

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Series KS-R500F
Stretcher body material Stainless steel; Fiber reinforced polymer
Shoe compatibility KS-R500F
Cleat system ISMK60