KR&ZV Het Spaarne becomes the first SRD ambassador club.

KR&ZV Het Spaarne becomes the first SRD ambassador club.

Shimano Rowing Dynamics (SRD) is proud to announce that rowing club KR&ZV Het Spaarne from Heemstede (NED) will be the first SRD Ambassador club in Europe.

The SRD foot stretcher is a unique product in the rowing market. The stretcher system is compatible with the SRD rowing shoes, which can be engaged and detached via a binding system based on Shimano’s established knowledge from the Bicycle components. The SRD foot stretcher is equipped with a virtual pivot point. This allows rowers to reach full compression more easily without building up tension in the shins and calves. A decrease in tension allows the rower to make the catch more accurate and direct. This pivot point allows the rower to wear hard soled shoes, which translates into a more direct power transfer.

Compared to the conventional stretcher, SRD offers the rower a number of benefits in performance, comfort, hygiene and safety. Where traditionally rowing shoes are fixed to the boat, the SRD shoes are the rower’s individual property, which allows each rower a well-fitted shoe.

Rutger Oldenhuis, Deputy Director Corporate Services, Shimano Europe:

"Het Spaarne was looking for a safe, trustworthy and workable solution to detach the shoe from the boat. At the same time, Shimano was looking for a progressive thinking rowing club to become SRD Ambassador. A situation in which there are only winners. As Shimano we are very proud that Het Spaarne has chosen SRD!"

In co-operation with Shimano, Het Spaarne shall equip the majority of its fleet with the SRD foot stretcher. The rowing club will purchase the stretchers and the club’s members can order their own personal rowing shoes at Shimano.

Alwin Snijder, Captain of Boats, KR&ZV Het Spaarne

"Starting the collaboration with Shimano as a SRD Ambassador Club is a wonderful opportunity to increase the safety and rowing comfort for our club members over the entire scope of our fleet. The SRD system finally gives the rower the opportunity to always use a well fitted, quality rowing shoe in our intensively used boats. As a club we are proud to be pioneers when it comes to this new development within the rowing sport.