When considering a purchase, please refer to FAQ (frequently asked questions) below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

About Shimano Rowing Dynamics

Q.  What is the significant feature of Shimano Rowing Dynamics?

A.  Our stretchers enable angle adjustment at each foot position such as catching, driving, finishing and recovering. An adjustable angle makes it possible to produce higher efficiency drive and smooth recovering with less pitching and heaving, which interfere with propulsion.

Q.  Does SRD make me faster?

A.  SRD reduces pitching and heaving, which interfere with propulsion, so as to get the boat a little more forward, compared to the conventional system, stroke by stroke. 
When rowers will get accustomed to SRD, It helps to optimize their ability, by converting their energy into the propulsion efficiently.

About Products

Q.  Why is the stretcher frame so long??


A.  The adjust range is taken wide to fit any boat and any seat position from any manufacturer.


Q.  Is a SRD foot stretcher with steering system available?


A.  Yes. Stretcher with Steering system KF-R601 is the SRD600 series stretcher with steering system.
For details, please refer to the KF-R601 product page.


Q.  How much do the stretcher and shoes weigh?


A.  About 700g~1kg heavier than the conventional standard stretcher and shoes.


Q.  Why are SRD rowing shoes heavier than current standard shoes?


A.  It is clear that a hard sole transfers rower's energy efficiently to propulsion. For increasing stiffness of the shoes, plastic mid-soles are used along with rubber-soles. That's the reason our shoes are heavier.





About Installation

Q.  Is it possible to install SRD on any rowing boat?


A.  SRD can be installed on most rowing boats. But you need techniques to set up some boats. Feel free to contact us.


Q.  Can SRD be installed on boats with wing-rigger?


A. Mostly, yes. However, SRD does not fit to some types of wing-rigger boats, depending on the manufacture, model year, model number and rigger-height. And also, as we recommend making shoe height higher/more shallow, in some cases, toes might touch the wings. Contact us for more.


Q.  Can this foot stretcher surely be installed on my boat?


A.  Please refer to the image and the size table below. You can also use the paper gauge for size check.





About Rigging

Q.  Which kind of tools are necessary to fix and to adjust SRD system?


A.  Please prepare 2.5mm, 3mm and 4mm hexagon wrenches.


Q.  I would like to know standard rigging numerical values of SRD foot stretcher.


A.  Please refer to Assembling the Foot Stretcher.


Q.  Do I need to change the method for riggings (from that of a conventional stretcher)? Is pin-heel distance the same? How do I adjust shoe height?


A. With Shimano Rowing Dynamics (SRD) Foot Stretcher System, as the sole angles change throughout the stroke, SRD Rigging differs from current rigging (heel-based) with a conventional stretcher. SRD rigging is based on the ball of the foot (same position of Virtual Pivot rotation axis). If you want to replicate the same rigging as a conventional system, measure the distance from the pin to the ball of the foot with the current system, then adjust SRD's pin to ball of the foot distance to the same distance as the current system. For heel-depth, measurement is also based on the ball of the foot. However, we recommend adjusting the position of the ball of the foot to the same level as the seat height. Please refer to the Foot stretcher assembling Manual for detail.


Q.  Should I install SRD stretcher at an angle of 50 degrees?


A.  Our recommended stretcher angle is approximately 50 degrees, but it is not mandatory. Please try and find the angle which works best for you. If you are stuck, contact us.


Q. Can I replace the shoes if they don't fit ?


    A.  Yes, we accept the replacement under certain conditions. Please refer to returns and replacement for conditions.

Q. How can I install SRD Foot Stretcher while my boat does not equipped with 25mm Upper pipe.

   A. If your boat has a 25mm metal angle (i.e. single sculls by Empacher ®), you can attach by using an optional part (KP-R600). Ask your boat maker or contact us









About Maintenance

Q.  Do I need to remove the shoes from the stretcher after use?

A.  You don't have to remove the shoes every time after every use. Please make sure the binding system is working fine before you board.

Q.  How do I maintain SRD?

A.  Please wipe off water with a dry cloth. You don't need to oil the rotation axis of Virtual Pivot because grease has already been infused when assembling. Please note that grease melt out if you oil the axis, depending on the oil.

Q.  How long is SRD's lifetime?

A.  It depends on the frequency and environment of use. We can not tell an exact lifetime. Only cleats are consumable, so you need to exchange then when you feel trouble binding on/off the shoes from the stretcher.

About Purchasing

Q.  I'd like to know the price.


A.  In Japan, Stretchers are 51,500 YEN and shoes are 14,880 YEN. The total is 66,380 YEN. (Excluding Taxes)

If you purchase from outside of Japan, prices vary based on currency exchange rates. You can check the price in your local currency at our online store 
You may be asked to pay import duties or additional taxes depending on your country or region.



Q.  I have no idea which size of the foot stretcher I should purchase.


A.  See the size table below.
For more details, please refer to the foot stretcher product page.


Q.  Please replace shoes because the size were not right.


A.  Please refer to returns and replacement.







Q.  I guess nobody is allowed to race on the boats without the heel ropes.

A.  FISA Rule was recently revised to 2009 edition, and it says " Quick release foot stretchers - To avoid accidents arising from capsizing, all boats shall be equipped with foot stretchers or shoes that allow the rowers to get clear of the boat without using their hands and with the least possible delay. If heel restraints are used they should not allow the heel to lift more than 7cm.By-Law to Rule 33, article 2-e

Q.  I would like to cut off the upper part of the frame unit because it sticks out too much to the top.

A.  All parts are designed to meet our standards both on performance and strength.
Any modification will void our warranty program.

Q.  Are swing arms safe during transportation by veicle?

A.  We recommend to tie swing arms to avoid unnecessary movement by using a piece of string or anything suitable.

Q.  Is SPD system are compatible with SRD?

A.  SRD products all designed solely for rowing. The reason for this specification is the difference in the condition of usage and the characteristics of the exercises. 
Therefore SPD system and SRD system are not compatible.