Binding System


Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD) dramatically increases bicycle pedaling efficiency by engaging with a cleat in the sole. This technology is the global standard for competitive cycling and now SHIMANO has reconfigured it for rowing. The SRD600 Binding System was introduced after being refined to provide easy clip-in/out and stability when engaged. Although just released in the rowing world, this technology incorporates the experience and know-how developed through competitive cycling at the top international level.

Quick Step In / Out


To engage the shoe, just align the cleat in the sole with the stretcher binding and clip it in. Just stepping into the binding in this manner allows crew members to row as an integrated part of the boat. The releasing method differs depending on the model of the stretcher. Anyone can easily release their shoes without using tools.

* Please note that it may take some time to get oriented and release the shoes in the event the boat overturns.

Wear Your Own Shoes


The SRD600 Binding System will dramatically change the face of rowing. First of all, shoes can be quickly engaged or released allowing each crew member to own their own special shoes. This provides comfortable rowing without the power loss suffered by rowers wearing shoes that do not fit well while at the same time allowing rowers to use the same shoes for both their private and team boats. Athletes no longer need to share shoes and the shoes can be released and washed to improve sanitation. The entire team can wear their shoes while ascending the awards podium to allow them to present a more attractive image as victors to the adoring fans.