SRD600 Philosophy


"Faster! Better result in the race! "
We are athletes with the same desire as you.

We have been looking for the best mechanism which enables a rower's power and techniques built by daily hard training to be converted into boat speed more efficiently. In our research, we focused on the conventional foot stretcher which has had less technical innovation throughout boat history. New oars are released constantly, and rowers are able to select their own fitted oars..., however few have turned their attention to the stretcher so far.

Rowers adjust their individual settings with the riggings, but that does not mean it is adjusted to every motion of the ankle, foot and leg while driving from the catching point, with their knees bent, to the finishing point, having their knees stretched. We thought; Might this restraint cause power loss?! Might some improvements here bring more efficiency ?! By variable stretcher angle with ankle/foot/leg movements during the drive, might this generate more propulsion ?! These questions and observations have been incubated in our SRD600.

We also focused on shoes, considering foot movement. The conventional shoes bolted on the stretcher are bent every time at the recovery phase. We doubted that extra energy was just used for bending repetition, and our feeling was that this extra energy should be shifted to propulsion. 
SRD600 makes it possible to challenge to reach the improvement demanded by rowers with a proven mechanism. SRD600's significant features are "Virtual Pivot" and "Rigid Sole". See more details here.