Multi Adjustment


The SRD600 adjusts through a wide range to flexibly change configuration to match the rower and the boat.

For Rower


Legs provide the fundamental support and balance during sports and an athlete’s stance is both his base of support and his main source of power. But until now most rowers have been forced to adjust their stance to fit the restrictions of the boat.

Conventional systems prevent athletes from exerting full power. Think about it. Do you put your feet together when doing squats? The SRD600 Foot Stretcher allows anyone to adjust their stance without having to modify the stretcher. The right and left binding units move independently to adjust the stance width and orientation to match the optimum stance of the athlete--and they can be quickly readjusted when changing rowers.

For Boat


The flexibility provided during installation in the boat is another remark of the SRD600 Foot Stretcher. The units are adjustable at two positions by 23mm pitch for the bottom pipe, and at any position within 130mm for the upper pipe. This bring SRD600 to be installed in a wider range of boats.