As promised; a recap of last weekend’s HOCR. As the weekend was extremely short, that is time went fast, we keep it short as well. 

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The weekend is over, the HOCR is over and thus; back to business. But what a great weekend it was and with great results! To name just a few of the....(Read more)

It is already thursday and that means, it is almost weekend! This by itself is already exciting, however this weekend we have got some big plans; w....(Read more)

Rewatch the great racing in the final of the men's eight! Thank you team Poland for the first World Championships medal in this....(Read more)

ShimanoSRD Almost weekend! What better way to spend it rowing. Enjoy! #rowing #rudern #roeien
ShimanoSRD @MDukarska Thanks for folowing us!
ShimanoSRD RT @RowShimano: #Rowers curious about what it's like to use SRD's innovative stretchers? Warm-up with us this weekend at @crewclassic http:…